An expert for 20 years,
BillOneQ will support you
If an experienced person to meticulously follow instructions is what you are looking for,
we have just the right person to do your billing for you right here.



Additional linkage of game and contents and PG, follow up on changes of PG protocol, functional edits on administrative pages, deleting functions, PG reconciliation and CP revenue settlement operations, billing service demonstration and BD monitoring, day/month scheduling of billing data, bug fixing and feature enhancements, education on system usage, billing system load monitoring and reporting, ETC (according to the need of clients’ billing requirements)

  • add game /

  • add payment

  • system

  • Technical

  • maintenance

  • add Billing solution

The 20-year experts are different Through the billing agency operation services,
Payletter will assign a professional to operate the billing system

Own billing
system operated

Upon the absence of a person in charge,
problems arise upon handing things over to
the next manager
→ May take time to figure things out after work transfer
→ Upon issues regarding billing, fast reaction is impossible
Unable to design a collective and comprehensive system
→ increased risk upon adding a function or changing the system
→ increased difficulty upon business expansion

Payletter billing
system operated

Reaction manual and backup program
operation upon the absence of a person in
→ Uninterrupted service available due to back up system of managers and systematic duty handovers
→ Upon issues regarding billing, fast reaction is possible
Collective and Comprehensive system design
→ management of systematic development details and history
→ Flawless technologic support through experience and know-how