Try to provide
customized easy-payment based on your business.

What is the difference between this service and others such as KakaoPay, Payco?

The biggest difference is that we can customize everything such as logo, color, payment name, so customers can recognize that it is the easy-payment for our business only.

I hoped that customers will be able to get our brand value on their experience of payment that is the first step in our service.

I selected Payletter because they provide separated API by personal authetication, payment registration, payment, deletion of payment methods, so I can build customized UI/UX that are suitable for our business.

We can provide Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Mobile Phone as payment methods in contrast to other companies.

We are a game company as opposed to physical services and customers use their mobile phone for the transaction up to 40%, so we selected the easy-payment of Payletter without hesitation.

Do you
provide various
kinds of payment methods?

What is the advantage if I build my own easy-payment?

Payletter provides data including gender/ages of users.

In the case of our company, it was not possible to obtain statistical information about existing service members due to the process of not collecting member information during the membership registration process. By introducing Payletter Easy-Payment, we were able to utilize the service payment statistical data by payment method / gender / age via the Admin page to activate the service, which has helped a lot in marketing.


Easy payment service with card payment, account payment, and mobile phone payment.

Payletter's simple payment provides services to project the merchant's brand image to the consumer's payment experience. Consumers can easily make a payment by selecting from card payment, account payment, and mobile phone payment and entering a password."

Easy-pay process


Expected effect

The expected effects of using the Payletter easy-payment service are as follows.

  • Lock-in effect

    It is a customized easy payment service that can secure loyal customers through the Lock-in effect for registered members.

  • Secure a brand image

    It is also possible to secure a brand image in the payment process for service use.

  • Payment success rate improve

    Customer convenience and payment success rate can be expected to improve by omitting the membership registration / app installation process.

Integration method can be selected according to the characteristics of the service

  • Brand integrated type

    Easy integration by providing an integrated screen
    from payment method registration to payment

  • Separated Menu

    The process of registering the customer's payment method and agreeing to the payment terms and
    conditions will proceed.

Easy-payment service


Easy-pay process

The process of registering the customer's payment method
and agreeing to the payment terms and conditions will proceed.

Easy-pay process

After completing the verified identification procedure,
register the payment method under the name of the person.

Easy-pay process

Select a payment method that has been registered and
pay by entering only the password.

Application process

Expand your business more easily
together with Payletter.

Application for Payment Service
Create merchant ID for PG Service integration
Email or call will be delievered after internal screening procedure
Submission of Service Agreement and related Documents
Please send all the documents to the address below
Address : Payletter Inc. 6F 223, Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
(Zip Code: 06224)
Payment of Registration Fee
Please pay for the registration fee
Bank deposit
Hana Bank 403-910042-900004
Payletter Inc.
Screening Procedure from Creditcard / Carrier Company
Screening procedure for the integration will take maximum 2 weeks

business information / service check (website, products, etc.)
Payletter will request screening procedure to the card/carrier company
Guide for the Screening Results and Completion of Contract
Email or call will be delievered after internal screening result with information of integration
Settlement will be made by the contracted settlement period