Why Billing Solution?

As your business grows, you acquire more and more products and customers. In the process, continuous analysis and constant consideration of the business environment is required in order to be successful or prevent failure. Due to fierce competition, timing is most important in the online market. The business of paid contents such as games, contents (VOD, MCN, VR, etc.) generates revenue through various methods of payment according to users’ region, time, and age group and therefore, efforts and decision-making of the company should be able to be reflected to its billing system promptly and accurately. As such, a billing solution is the core part of the business, and the result of the business depends on which billing solution you choose.
Payletter has been providing billing solutions to 260 companies since 2001 and helping our customers focus on their core businesses to increase their competitiveness and reliability.

Businesses of all paid contents
All the services such as game, VOD, music, webtoon, VR, etc.
Businesses requiring diverse models of billing
Single purchase, monthly flat rate, pay-as-you-go,
mixed package of fixed amount, etc.
Businesses manually processing complex
significant reduction of workload with automated settlement
Businesses inexperienced in billing
Mitigate any business risks due to lack of experience
Businesses requiring operation stability
Operation agency of billing system enhance the adaptability
to changing business environment


Billing , tip of the iceberg

Business performance is completed with billings.
After securing customers and their payment methods, you need to go through several steps including setting up a billing model, processing complicated settlement consisting of product and services, payment methods, account management, etc., issuing a tax invoice, offering coupon or mileages, etc… Billing is the tip of the iceberg in the minds of most executives, but to the employees, daily struggle with it can bring about accumulated fatigue.
Therefore, companies should be able to implement a billing system that is systemized and automated that ensures accuracy and reliability.

빌링 업무
20 years of billing know-how, BillOneQ

Payletter has earned the trust of various domestic and international businesses through its billing solution based on the customers’ usage amount and timing. Now, we will increase its value through BillOneQ, a tailored billing system for each business.

Billing system platform structure 빌링 시스템 플랫폼 구조
Billing expert, BillOneQ

BillOneQ promises an optimized service for all areas through a global network connection
with accumulated know-how of billing solution since 2001

빌링 시스템 구조
Billing solution
for game production

Over 200 customers in
25 countries
System construction
according to
customer’s policy
Key features
Top-up cash/cash use mgt, event, offering coupon, item mgt, account mgt, bad user mgt, reflection of payment policy such as self-limit setting, etc., cancellation/refund mgt, payment history/balance/statistics, etc.
Billing solution for paid content providers
Establishment and operation of various billing models and interworking of various payment methods (PG),
Integrated system of managing data by payment method at one time under a single account
Key features
Billing set up and mixed solutions (flat rate, pay-as-you-go, fixed amount), user authentication (charge verification), cash properties mgt, event operations, merchandise mgt, coupon offers, account mgt, cancellation/refund/payment history mgt, bad users mgt, restricted payment policy, balance/statistics, etc.
Billing Solution of online broadcast platform
Offers real-time functions such as cash usage and detailed report / currency exchange
Key features
Top up cash/usage, management of cash properties, broadcast BJ cash exchange, event (discounts and bonus) operations, item management, coupon offers, account management, cancellation/refund/payment history management, bad user management, payment restrictions, balance/statistics, etc.
Billing solution of VR platform and franchise Supports transparent profit sharing according to usage, monitoring contents, and automated settlement
Key features
Top-up cash/cash use, view balance, offline store/system mgt, event(point) operations, coupon offers, cancellation/refund mgt, contents monitoring, balance/statistics, language selection (Korean/English), interface, customer support center, etc.
Contents (music, VOD) / e-commerce / MCN / mobile meal vouchers, etc
Settlement system structured to optimize the settlement relationship and revenue channels for various businesses and clients’ need
Key features
Multiple income registration, channel management, automatic calculation of multiple settlement amount, revenue/balance viewing, settlement schedule management, contract information management, integrated issuance of tax invoice, provide exclusive interface for settlements
Settlement functions optimized for online/offline prepaid PIN issuance,
sales, balance/deduction management and collection and for customers’ settlement processes
Key features
Micro payment, top up cash, sales management, management of distributors and franchises, offer bonus cash, split the face value, deduct and use balance, support of various system by franchisee, security management of administrator/login, reflection of restricted payment policy
Payletter, which has built a stable billing system in overseas markets,
is a partner with more than 160 global businesses and provides optimized billing solutions for new and existing overseas companies with advanced networks and know-how.
Key features
Integration with global payment methods and guide, timely link with global 130 PGs, optimized system by region, preparation and reaction for chargeback, stable service mgt, data by payment method


Effect of BillOneQ Solution
BillOneQ, adding eyes
to the painted dragon
as a finishing touch
Completing the most important part of a task is called adding eyes to the painted dragon. Not stopping at the end of the business, increasing corporate capabilities and values is what drives BillOneQ to try its best until the end.
솔루션 효과

BillOneQ outcome by case

BillOneQ, master key of billing

Payletter's BillOneQ is regarded as the perfect solution to the complex and diverse billing tasks domestic and foreign companies agonize about.

Game billing

The game industry, unlike other digital content and commerce industries, generates a large number of transactions in a short time. Therefore, if it is not supported by a stable billing system, a difficulty in billing process can lead to a loss in revenue. We at BilloneQ provide a safe service and help with revenue increase for game content providers with the ability to proceed with more than 3000 transactions in one second in addition to offering events and coupons with a single setup. Moreover, because integration with various other games is possible through setup of this single billing system, business expansion will also be possible.

Contents billing

The biggest concern for content providers is ‘what products to make and how to make those that stimulate purchase from users.’ That is, in response to the changing world of business, focuses on new initiatives and ideas through various packages and contents with flexible prices will be necessary. However, if the system does not support immediate adjustment for the new products or the settlement and various details of the CP companies that provide these contents, they would not be able to concentrate on what is really important at hand. Payletter has accumulated a lot of know-how through providing support of billing, settlement, and billing systems for integrated management of various details for content providers including the three major broadcasting companies, Genie Music, Mnet Music, TVING, and POOQ. Through Payletter, ensure an environment that allows you to focus on your business.


Many early e-commerce companies start their business through EC Hosting such as cafe24 and godo mall. As they grow in size, they may encounter troubles of mismatch between the amount paid by PG and the data from the services. If the process of strategic decision-making goes wrong from the step of collecting accurate data of revenue, profit, etc., this can lead to frequent turnover of staff in the department of management support and accounting due to burn out. For these potential risks that can be magnified to company-wide issues, Payletter's BillOneQ can provide a solution with an accurate and instant collection of PG data, settlement, and support for reporting.

MCN settlement system

MCN companies are steadily growing. As the channels that make profits through exclusive contractors to MCN such as YouTube, Naver, twitch, and Kakao TV, BJ and celebrities are diversifying, settlements are becoming more complex because BJ has agreements with different terms and conditions by channel. When we didn't know Payletter, we reacted to overload of the teams of management support or accounting by working overtime and additional staffing, but now we can get the necessary data quickly and utilize real-time work simply by automatically linking or uploading some data with Payletter's advanced technology.

Startups billing agency

All successful companies were startups in the beginning. Success requires a continuous sacrifice of teammates and full dedication of leaders but in reality, it is easy to miss the opportunity of success because of the frequent turnover of members due to their heavy workload. To ensure that the best developers and team members of the company are not constrained by billing tasks such as settlement and study in a changing market, Payletter, who is experienced and reliable, can replace the tasks of building and operating a billing system. BillOneQ agency operation service is recommended to all startups so that all their team members can focus on their projects and execution at hand.

Integration with global payments

Process of integration with overseas payments is not as simple as with domestic ones. Unlike Korea, an IT powerhouse, foreign countries require technical support and test environment for integrating payment methods. It may take more than 3 months to integrate a single payment method. BillOneQ solves the corporate’s issues of global expansion or its localization easily and quickly. Payletter has rich experience with system development and long-term operational know-how through partnerships with 260 global companies in 25 countries. The League Of Legends global billing system, which has a lot of fans around the world, is a representative success story.