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Q. Is it possible to know who made the purchase?
Unfortunately, Payletter does not have any information on the user who made a purchase.
Please directly contact the site from which you made payment online and inquire the information you require.

Q. I received the card approval number and payment amount to my mobile device; however, I didn’t purchase anything.
Because you have received card approval number and payment amount to your SMS, doesn’t mean you are getting charged right away. It confirms the user whether the payment shall be preceded or not to complete the payment.

If the user doesn’t input the received approval number within 3 minutes, the payment will not be completed. Eventually the payment information will be automatically deleted. The reason that you are receiving this message is that somebody has tried to purchase using your mobile account information.
Q. I’m being billed automatically and I don’t know what I’m getting filled for.
Once you have paid for an auto renewing subscription, you will get billed automatically each month.
Hereby, we suggest you to double-check your payment plan before making any final purchase.
If you don’t wish to be billed anymore, contact the site from which you are getting billed and ask to switch-off the auto renewing subscription.

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