BillOneQ for Game

  • Outline
  • Composition
  • Billing Solution for online game billing for all genre and monetization method from subscription MMORPGs to casual freemium.
  • Supports fixed charge system, measured rate system, IP fixed charge system for PC room business or individual clients.
  • Implement the billing system without revising the game module set up you have implemented. This is because BillOneQ is independent from your game servers.
  • A highly flexible billing system developed with all known monetization methods for games in mind, so it is able to easily adopt a variety of billing methods.
  • Clients large and small can take advantage of the stability and performance of the system, proven by BillOneQ's continued success at the world's largest game publishers.
  • Add, revise and update features without affecting your game services, taking advantage of 3-tier architecture and module modularity.
  • Charging engine and payment/charging server based on Win32 Multi Thread as a separated operation method. This allows the system to use resources efficiently as BillOneQ can process more than 20,000 concurrent users on a standard installation.

Major functions

Charge system Supports all monetization methods for sole distributors, PC room, individual clients
- IP Pool Mixed Charge
- Time Discount/Extra charge
- Support Rush Hour Connection/Block
- Automatic Transfer from fixed rate/amount to meter rate.
  • Manage customer records for payment, purchase, cancellation, chargeback etc.
  • Coupons
  • Mileages
  • Promotions
Service Operation
  • Permission system manages access and rights for each manager.
  • Manages the log-in IP restriction and the session security.