BillOneQ for Portal

  • Outline
  • Composition
  • Pre-paid e-wallet system provides for cyber cash charging.
  • Supports fixed charge system, measured rate system, mixed charge system.
  • BillOneQ is able to integrate all kinds of online payments such as credit cards, mobile phone, voucher, bank transfers, etcl…
  • The service plan maker provides easy-to-understand statistic information, sales, event/promotions, cyber cash management, membership management.
  • BillOneQ provides charging/transaction information rapidly, so a service provider is able to easily tailor marketing messages and campaigns to ensure relevancy to their clients.
  • Provides the best solution to service providers through a robust API system. This means BillOneQ can be combined with other applications in your business and agnostic to other business infrastructure. The service has been built with scalability in mind and is able to handle portals in hyper-growth mode.

Major functions

Charge system
  • Fixed charge system, measured rate system, mixed charge system.
  • Provides Pre-paid system, immediate payment system
  • Management for purchase, refund, cancellation, payment/for each pay memberships.
  • Management of cancellation/refund lists and accounts
  • Coupon function
  • Mileage function
  • Provides event promotions
Balance accounts
  • Supports balancing accounts for partner content providers
  • Supports multiple ways of balancing accounts
Service operation
  • Manage access rights of each manager
  • Management of log in IP limitation and log in session security