BillOneQ for Prepaid Card

  • Outline
  • Composition
  • BillOneQ supports a prepaid card system by managing PIN publication, sales, collections, discards, etc… This can be physical gift cards or quasi-cash PIN systems.
  • Provides various balance account functions to a sole distributor, franchise, etc.
  • Able to be integrated with POS as PC room, convenience store, stationery store.
  • Simple and useful enabling the use of serial numbers for prepaid cards.
  • No personal information required, providing an advantage over mobile transactions.
  • Face value of initial card can be divided to be used over a number of transactions. Purchases will be deducted from initial face value providing the customer to use the remaining balance.

Major functions

  • Management of head office commission for each products, franchise commission, sole distributor's commission.
  • Management of card issuer, card sale franchises.
  • Supports providing franchise bonus cash.
  • Card sales list management.
  • Charging list management.
Balance account/
  • Supports various balancing accounts ways as a fixed rate way
  • Provides statistics for each franchise and amounts of sales.
Service operation
  • Manage access rights of managers.
  • Management log in IP limitation and log in session security