Operation agency service

What is operation agency service?

The BillOneQ Advantage is the service and support that Payletter provides for their clients. In addition to providing the BillOneQ product, Payletter works around the clock ensuring your business is operating efficiently and profitably.
Payletter understands the demands of the digital content business and treats its role as a trusted technology and service provider with great care and attention. Our clients are our partners, not just customers.

The sphere of the operation agency business

Division Works
  • billing system load monitoring
  • for daemon monitoring and Feedback for trouble
  • DB server monitoring
  • Bug Fix
Back Office
  • Accurate account process of CP and Report alteration
  • Accurate account process of PG and report alteration
  • Administrator's function/UI addition
  • Additional events
  • Statistics from the result of the various events
  • PG addition
  • Following work for alteration of PG rules
Development / Operating
  • Architecture/Process addition and alteration of billing system (Make agreement case by case)
  • Arrangement work of billing by day/month
  • Settlement work of CP
  • Development of application program which is related to billing (development of component, daemon, and so on)

Preventive maintenance & Trouble Recovery

Every client receives dedicated resources and an organization that consists of professional billing engineers. BillOneQ Advantage's preventative maintenance and quick trouble processing service can prevent service issues. BillOne Q Advantage provides to its clients a system operations manuals, preventive maintenance activities that include database tuning & optimizing, system monitoring, the establishment of a 24/7/365 emergency contact system, and establishment of a trouble shooting and issue escalation manual.

Maximization of Investment

Payletter provides our clients with monthly operation reports that clearly detail all metrics for the BillOneQ system. These system reports allow clients to make the best business decision through examination of the historical utilization of system resources, update and service history, uptime availability, etc…